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We are a full-service website audit provider performing a thorough analysis of your website's weakness like Common SEO Issues, Speed Optimization, Server and Security, Mobile Usability and Advanced SEO. Our process includes dedicating a team of experts to the task of checking each aspect of your website and identifying the key issues

What is Website Audit

Website Audit Report

What is website audit ?

A website audit is a process of finding out the changes that should be made to your website technically in order to meet the demands of coding standards and improve the stability of the website.

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What does website audit report consist of?

  • HTML Code Validation
  • Canonical Redirects
  • Internal Linking Issues
  • Javascrit Checking
  • Page Loading Speed
  • External Link Issues
  • Internal CSS Errors
  • Large HTML Pages
  • Website Security Issues
  • Broken Link
  • 404 Error
  • Alt Tag Missing
  • Page Title Missing
  • Check SWF
  • Crawl Checking
  • Low Text Pages
  • Sitemap Errors
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5 Processes To Be Ensured After Website Audit

Initially, our team will check your website to know how healthy it is! A website with a beautiful design may not necessarily be technically correct and it is really hard to find out and solve the technical issues all by yourself if you have no experience and expertise.At 7 Stones digital, our expert team conducts SEO analysis using the right tools and generates a report. We do have various premium site analysis tools which gives detailed report at high speed. In this report, you can find the suggestions about internal and external links, meta tags, broken links, error pages, duplicate content issues, and other issues.
The tools we use will analyze and generate the SEO report with the technical SEO issues that should be checked and changed. But our SEO experts will make a separate and detailed report by prioritizing the issues to make you understand what changes should be made to your website on a priority basis.The general and important SEO issues are links, accessibility, crawling, coding, content, and images. So, while generating the reports, our SEO experts will speak about them initially and move on to other minor issues.
For example, the report will show the top issues that occur most frequently which causes a great loss to your site and then it shows the minor changes you have to make to improve the visibility in search engine results.
After checking the Health of your website and making the required changes, how do you know if your website is performing better than before? So, here we came up with the tracking process. At 7 Stones Digital, you can register for a weekly SEO audit and our experts track the SEO progress and email you the report every week to show the difference after making the changes according to our website audit.
Tracking your site’s health once a week lets you to avoid many technical issues that cause a traffic loss. You can also notice your website ranking better on the search engine.
It is important to provide a good user experience for all the visitors of your website, that’s how you can get great traffic and leads. It is important to note hreflangs mistakes, if you are looking for an international SEO as they are highly important to tell Google which page should appear to the users depending on their language preferences and location.
If there is no proper implementation of hreflangs, the user experience will be poor and it is going to be a big damage for your website traffic. At 7 Stones digital, we use automated website checkers to solve issues with hreflangs links, values, attributes, and page source code.
Security should be one of your priorities as it is the important ranking factor and it tells the users that you care about their security and privacy. But just moving your website to HTTPS is not enough because you have to detect the security threats frequently through site audit.Sometimes, SSL certificate may have registered to a wrong domain name or it might be expired or there could be non-secure scripts, images, and SSC elements and sometimes, there are chances for server issues. At 7 Stones Digital, we will verify the security of your website time to time and ensure the safety.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) helps you perform well on mobile search results worldwide by improving the user experience. We use the premium tool for AMP audit that detects all issues and generates a report on a single page.

Why Choose 7 Stones Digital for Website Audit Services?

There are two important reasons to choose 7 Stones digital over others for website audit services and we ensure that our SEO professional team will take care of every detail of your website to solve all the technical issues when the other companies rarely do it for you.

Manual Website Audit Report Generation:
Though it is a time-consuming job, we understand the importance of website audit to improve the website traffic and thus the business. So, our experts perform local SEO audit, Technical audit, content audit, link audit, competitive audit, and Structured data audit manually which makes your website get high-traffic in a short period of time.
Affordable Price:
Though some companies perform SEO audit manually, they will charge very high for doing it. But, here in 7 Stones digital, we perform website audit using tools and for an affordable price. Our best website audit services and a detailed report with better understanding are the main reasons why our clients choosing us over others.

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