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What is a social media campaign?

Social media is the intersection between technology and humanity. Most of the hang out plans happens in the Internet today. You find a group of friends hanging out. They will tell you that all the discussion happened in Facebook or maybe WhatsApp. And why do you think that is?

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Why do we need social media for campaigning?

51% of the world’s population have a social media account and 40% are active social media users. The Internet has become more accessible than ever. Not only is it a place where people come together, but also a place where people communicate and also get entertained! All this being said, just having an online presence won’t do for your business to thrive, you need to be lively enough. And that is by designing your brand campaign. Our services put you ahead in the social media circle and give you the right brand exposure. Are you a smooth-running business that wants to set foot on digital platform? Do you want your brand to reach the social-media savvy audience! Then, welcome aboard!

What we do:

We, at 7 Stones Digital are known for our successful and unique social media campaigns provide support to take your brand to the 360 degree reach. We manage social media messages. Listen to people and campaign using the information that people let out. We start conversations about your brand and set campaign goals.

  • We create social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • We curate content and pre-schedule the right time to post.
  • We follow the trend and are up-to-date on the social media tools.
  • To reach the specific audience with respect to the demographics, industry or a profile

Our work processs

This is where we evaluate the social network community to find the ideal time and message. The fact about social media is that there are different network platforms. Each one with its own shifting landscape and trends. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work here.

Facebook and Instagram for example changed their algorithms making the path to search engine marketing rough. Don’t worry, we provide campaign management services in Chennai and India to help you.

This is where we get our hands dirty by starting the social media campaign ideas for effective reach. Once you pre-plan and study the social platforms, you need to think of how you can go out there and make a change. We design goals and time schedules for you to choose from, those that fit the audience in Chennai and India.

No we are no talking about autopsy! Post-planning or post mortem in marketing are positive and crucial. This phase is as important as the others because once your campaign is over, you get a large amount of information about your buyers. Using analytics, you can find what part of the campaign made your buyer make the first buy: if it’s the hashtag that was trending or the polls you conducted or was it the Twitter polls. It is the key to getting the most out of each campaign

The two main pillars of a social media campaign are time and goals.


The most important thing to do when you plan to start a campaign is to create the Goals. What specific goal do you want to achieve? Most often, it is these goals that spread faster. You really need to ask yourself what is the one thing you want to educate or tell your audience about.

  • Avoid setting unrealistic goals

  • Create goals that interests people

There are many issues in today’s world. And you need to choose the most daunting issue among your audience and incentivize debate and a possible solution. This leads to conversation. And when more and more people talk about the issue, there is brand reach in a positive note.

When taking a social issue as a goal, you need to be careful on what side you take. Our campaign management services know what’s best for your business. We create a sort of promise between you and your audience.


The next important factor while planning a social media campaign is the timeline. You need to frame a suitable timeline for your campaign. Based on your target audience, product and locality you need to device a good time strategy to put your message out there, so that it hits at the right spot.

These are some of the ways we do it

Imagine the time when you walked into a store to get a vegetable. You asked the shopkeeper the direction to the grocery section. Hashtags are the directions people use in social media to find what they want, the same way it is also a trend they use for others to find them. We make use of these hashtags in social media campaigns to get people curious.

These hashtags don’t necessarily contain your brand name. It is a tiny message that you send out to get people talking.

Internet polls are the most trending feature to learn about people. It is also a great way to feed the knowledge of your brand to the audience in a healthy way. The reason why people answer polls is because it hardly takes 30 secs to complete them. It is a great way to create traffic.

If your polls are informative and entertaining, people chare them to find out what their friends scores. Hence when they share polls to find out about their friends, you get to know the answer and also promote your brand.

They are many types of contests you can create to engage your audience. Everybody needs something interesting between their mundane lives! People love to compete too. We create contests depending on your target audience and make them happy.

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