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E-mail Template Designing

The innovative Email Template Design at your doorstep

Since we all know, the world of digital marketing is at its boom, there are a variety of strategies which helps in creating and enhancing sales and return on investment (ROI) such as mobile application, web designing, landing pages and emailing. One of the perfect digital marketing strategies is the email marketing. It is highly used by digital marketers as it is cost-effective in nature. But a cost-effective strategy is of no use if it is not designed according to the customer requirements.

It is important to develop and boost your email conversion rate with stellar, modern email design work. Hence, Seven Stones digital is at your service. We offer some of the best email marketing strategies in Chennai and Bangalore. Before choosing email design or email templates, let’s explore!

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The world of Email template designing.

Email template designing is one of the best and easiest methods in order to cater to a new, potential audience by making use of customized email marketing campaigns. It is a highly cost-effective way through which one can easily spread and make awareness about their product in the minds of a number of people with just a short message. In order to make this strategy effective it is necessary to have email newsletter template designs which can deliver the Return on Investment (ROI).

The innovative Email Template Design at your doorstep

  • Email templates designed at 7 Stones Digital are solid, sets you apart from the rest of designs available in the market and combines your message creatively so that the viewers or the target audiences are compelled to take action.
  • Email templates designed at 7 Stones Digital aims to develop and enhance relationships with your respected customers helps in strengthening loyalty as well as encouraging repetitive business
  • We at 7 Stones Digital have a distinguished team of experts who develop some of the unique web design and email marketing campaigns.
  • We at 7 Stones Digital are always eager to help catapult your online marketing into success.

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Amazingly different Email Template Design by 7 Stones Digital. But wondering how?

Since email marketing campaign is an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy, it is important to design your campaign according to your current and potential customers to avoid wastage of your precious time as well as money. The content of the email should be extremely creative in nature and immediately compel the viewers to perform a specific action.

The basic building block of email template design is the design, a weak design will fetch neither audience nor sales, hence it is important to employ email theme and template design that truly stands out from all the noise that overwhelm the users on the internet today. The pricing of the email template design depends on the features opted by the users. The lists of features are given below:

  • Call to action (CTAs) strategy
  • Email layout prototype
  • Edits to email creative
  • Creative build into HTML
  • Importation of email into MyEmailFX (if applicable)
  • Testing on 20+ email clients
  • Testing of email on mobile devices
  • Email marketing strategy document
  • Assistance with copywriting for 1st email blast
  • Email marketing delivery schedule assistance
  • 1-hour strategy call with a Seven stone digital email marketing expert
  • Responsive design & testing
  • Investment

We are completely irresistible and tough to ignore. But do you know why?

  Designing an email marketing campaign requires a lot of creativity and effort but one also has to keep the following points in mind.

  The email newsletters are most commonly used marketing tools as minor investment is required to obtain sales. We believe email marketing is the most effective online marketing tactics. This direct form of marketing enhances the relationship between the customers and a firm, it also supports in strengthening loyalty and ultimately encouraging repeat business.

  While designing an email marketing campaign, we pay special attention and very carefully make a strategic and effective design that compels your recipients to click through, or even read the email for that matter, otherwise all the energy and effort put in goes vain and futile.

  We always design a strong and quality product, hence we offer strong email designs. The strong email designs help you in creating a name for yourself; it keeps you in the minds of your top customers while strengthening your brand. It is the job of the email design to seek the attention of your target customer for enough period of time so that they are convinced to perform the expected action.

  We help you with a professional, moving and catchy email design which caters to all the requirements of your target audience as well as promotes your brand simultaneously.

   Since email marketing is a common practice, the clutter of competing for email newsletters is difficult to avoid. We help you with a professional email design which will set your email marketing campaign apart from the rest and position your company as a leader in your industry.

  The email marketing campaign can also help in streamlining the process for greater efficiency.

  We offer fully responsive email templates which can easily display your marketing content properly on any screens of every size and shape, from mobile phones to tablets to large desktop monitors. We make mobile-friendly email designs which are easy to read no matter what screen your target audience is using to view them.

  We have a team of talented and experienced email designers who can work with you the email marketing platform of choice. We also offer free email templates to help you choose better.

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