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Online Media Buying

Many people think that PPC and Online Media Buying are same but it could be a failure if the online marketing companies believe so. There are many online advertising agencies that offer Online Media Buying services but at the end of the day, it is the right strategy applied at the right time which brings you the leads. 7 Stones Digital offers you the best Online Media Planning and Buying services which show you great results. Before speaking about our services, let us explain what Online Media Buying is and how it helps your business.

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What is Online Media Buying?

acquiring the advertisement space
Online Media Buying is the process of acquiring the advertisement space from a media operating company for the purpose of advertising. In other words, Online Media Buying is the process of buying the media presence online.
Reach your target audience

Let’s say you have come up with a brilliant online ad for your product or services and no one are seeing it. Does it benefit you? So, here comes the Online Media Buying to save you. It helps you reach your online ad or commercial to reach your target audience and that’s what all you need to improve your business. 7 Stones Digital helps your online ad reach the target audience by increasing the number of clicks on your ad, a number of visits to your website, and the overall income. The concepts of Online Media buying are numerous and we will make you understand it completely here.

Integral Parts of Online Media Buying

The process of Online Media Buying has 4 integral components to make a perfect online presence.

It is essential to have experience knowledge in negotiation techniques for the media buyers as the whole Online Media Buying is highly dependent on it. Media buyers should have the ability to understand when, where, and how should your online ad appear, without exceeding your budget. As 7 Stones Digital worked with several clients to date, we know the best negotiation techniques and it is easy for us to identify which channel and time slot to choose in order to utilize ad space effectively and increase the sales in your budget.

Before media buying, it needs a perfect media planning to execute and increase the ROI. 7 Stones Digital will come up with an ideal plan for your business after analyzing it completely. With the years of experience in working with various clients, our expert team can provide you a tailor-made media plan, keeping your goal in mind.

It is highly important for the online media buyers to develop and maintain the relationships with right persons which can help you get the online presence for your product. 7 Stones Digital being the best online advertising company in Chennai, Bangalore, and the USA, it has a wide network to increase your online presence.
When it comes to Online Media Buying, researching and finding all the latest related information and being updated with media trends is essential. To make your online ad reach the targeted audience, you have to come up with unique and new strategies. The online marketing team of 7 Stones Digital will be always updated and research for new strategies that works for specific business to provide the best Online Media Buying solutions.

Online Media Buying pricing chart

View our pricing below to see the features of our local SEO strategy.


To increase your visibility online

COMPANY 1st page




Monthly online media spend Up to ₹ 75,000 ₹ 75,001 to ₹ 1,50,000 ₹ 1,50,001+ Custom Custom
Initial campaign development & strategy Custom
Demographic Targeting Custom
Geo-location Custom
Age range Custom
Gender Custom
Interest Custom
Education level Custom
Related website interests Custom
Keyword based targeting Custom
Mobile device targeting Custom
Mobile carrier targeting Custom
Product based Custom
Day(s) of week Custom
Hour(s) of day Custom
B2B targeting - Position(s)/Title(s) - Custom
B2B targeting - Industry (Company) - Custom
B2B targeting - Company(ies) Custom
B2B targeting - Company sizes Custom
B2B targeting - Company location (State) - Custom
Web media flight schedule Custom
Brand positioning research & insights Custom
Network research and price negotiations Custom
Impression based targeting (if desired) custom
Google analytics integration & goal tracking custom
Results analysis/reporting custom
Strategic bid management Custom
Ad rotation for conversion Custom
Dedicated account representative - Custom
Up to two personal consultations per month Custom
Banner Design Custom
468x60 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
728x90 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
250x250 - -
200x200 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
336x280 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
300x250 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
120x600 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
160x600 JPG JPG & Gif JPG, Gif & Flash Custom
Remarketing strategy & implementation - Custom
Setup of "micro" conversions - Custom
Setup and management of conversion funnel - Custom
Video ads - Custom
International campaign implmentation - - Custom
Language targeting - - Custom
Landing Page design & implementation Custom
Website conversion analysis reporting - - Custom
Website conversion analysis implementation - - By Quote Custom
Multivariant testing on landing page Custom
Multivariant testing ecommerce store & checkout/cart process Custom
Monthly performance & analysis reporting Custom
Ad exchange - Automated bidding Custom
One time setup (1st month): ₹ 45,000 ₹ 75,000 ₹ 1,05,000 Custom
Progressive monthly management ₹ 10,000 ₹ 10,000 ₹ 10,000 Custom
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Why Choose 7 Stones Digital for Online Media Buying?

There are many companies across the world which can help you with Online Media Buying but what makes 7 Stones Digital different from all those companies is, the professional and dedicated online marketing team with vast experience, worked strategies for different businesses, tailor-made media planning, and the reasonable pricing.

We discuss the goals of our client and create an emotional reaction to your brand to improve the brand awareness among the target audience. If you want to launch a new product or service or market the already existing product, 7 Stones Digital is going to be with you through your every step till you reach your goal.

Identifying and understanding the target market is essential to build a profile for your product by recognizing demographic profile and media habits. 7 Stones Digital conducts a survey of your customer base to identify common profile markers.
What could be the secret behind the success of your competitor’s online ad? The online marketing team of 7 Stones Digital will identify it by conducting competitor analysis. This analysis could help us know how your competitors are succeeded and how and where your product or service should be advertised to beat them.
The online ads need to be creative, unique, and visually appealing to grab the attention of customers and this is the reason why we find Online Advertising Design a serious issue that can’t be ignored. The graphic designers’ team of 7 Stones Digital will provide unique and well-suited designs to make online ads look classy and appealing. Our graphic designers will make the visuals in your online ads appear real to create interactive advertising that makes customers to believe you and buy your product or services. Apart from online ads and banners, we will also design interactive campaign graphics by determining the campaigns that adds value to your product and help you with Online Media Buying and campaign management as well.
Being one of the top online advertising agencies in India and the USA, 7 Stones Digital knows how important are the relationships with other media buyers to not face the shortage of ad space which troubles the clients. So, we will always maintain contractual relationships with vendors which benefit you getting a wide advertising space for the low price. So, if our ad space got filled by the numerous ads anytime, you don’t have to search for another online marketing agency as we can help you get your work done with the relationships we have all over the world.
Just like every other service of 7 Stones Digital, Online Media Buying services are also affordable. Many agencies will charge too high for the online media buying services as they know how hard it is for the clients to find the best online marketing agency. Being the best online advertising agency in different places like Chennai, Bangalore, and the USA, we have experienced online media buying strategists who spends every dollar efficiently. Our regular clients will also get higher discounts, deals, and other value additions.
As we have the expert online marketing team who have years of experience, they won’t consume much time to create a strategic media plan and execute it effectively. This also makes you utilize your valuable time on the other business-related work.
We have the most dedicated team of online media buying specialists who can easily adapt to your needs and plans according to your goals. Our team focuses on different aspects of online media buying and campaign management to fulfill the needs of the client in order to generate leads and convert them into sales. The whole online media buying process may vary at different advertising agencies and we, at 7 Stones Digital use the best, suitable, and worked strategies by understanding your business. Understanding the media placement ads, designing a media plan, and creating the ads that reach your target audience in a cost-effective manner is the best thing we can do your business.

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