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Confused and thinking hard why your website is performing poor even after spending a lot of dollars on optimizing your website! People take things easy. There are many self-named SEO companies that offer services and don’t even perform basic SEO activities. They would focus more on Keyword Research, Content Optimization, and Link Building and forget completely about the ‘website loading speed test’ and its optimization.

Imagine you have an awesome content on your website, On-page and Off-page optimized articles, the quality services or products, but ignored a simple yet important activity of On-page SEO, the page loading speed optimization. Do you know what you are losing then – a huge traffic and your valuable customers! You might think that a one-second delay costs nothing but users want the information for their query in no time. If your website loading speed is low, they won’t wait for a second as there are millions of related websites over the internet. So, the page load speed could have a great impact on the sales directly.

Then, how do you know the page loading speed of your website is okay or poor? How to increase the loading speed? Don’t worry, 7 Stones Digital is here for you. We provide the best services for page loading speed optimization by analyzing the load speed using different tools and making necessary changes to your website in order to increase your website traffic thus sales.

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What is a Good Loading Speed?

Before working on Website loading speed, it is essential to know what is the good loading speed for your website. According to Google, the ideal load speed of the website is 3 seconds, if it is more than that, we have to start working on Page Load Speed Optimization. Unfortunately, it had become hard for the websites to achieve the ideal page speed and it is even tough for a mobile landing page.

So, to increase page load speed, you have to perform speed tests and get to know every detail of the website which is reason for the slow performance. But very fewer SEO companies will take up this kind of projects and 7 Stones Digital is one among them.

How to Perform Page Load Speed Test?

There are many tools available online that analyze the page speed of your website and some websites will also suggest the necessary changes. GT Matrix and Pingdom are best among them. These websites perform the test and provide free page loading speed report but you have to run the test

Though these websites provide the information about the issues that are making the loading speed low, it is hard for you to analyze the page loading speed report and make changes, as it requires to have the knowledge on coding and other technical concepts. Also, minimal issues will be neglected by the tools and so it requires manual checking. Here comes the leading SEO Company in Chennai, 7 Stones Digital to help you with the whole work.

We, at 7 Stones Digital provide the full-fledged services of SEO and page loading speed optimization is one among them. From performing the website loading speed test on different tools to analyzing the report to fixing the issues, our expert SEO team will take care of everything in detail.

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Total project hours to be spent improving site speed, communication, and reporting: 10 hours 20 hours 50 hours
Page speed improvements are likely to increase your page speed tool scores, but 7 Stones Digital. Cannot guarantee the level of increase - - -
Needed for all projects: Website/Server Access - - -
Dedicated project POC
Project web developers
Audit of current server configuration
If needed - Website/CSS optimization
If needed - Setup and/or configuration of a CDN
If needed - Reduction in http(s) requests
If needed - Combine CSS and JavaScript files
If needed - Https setup
If needed - Hosting transfers
If needed - Image size optimization and compression
If needed - Gzip compression
If needed - Caching setup and/or configuration
If needed - Setup of browser caching
If needed - Minify JavaScript
If needed - Changing the order of JavaScript and CSS loading
If needed - Optimize/reduce number of redirects
Minimum One-time investment (The amount mentioned here might vary depending upon your requirements) 30,000 INR 50,000 INR 90,000 INR
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What Makes 7 Stones Digital Different?

You may ask why you should choose 7 Stones Digital for Page Loading Speed Optimization when there are many SEO companies all over the world. We do agree there are many companies that provide SEO services in India and all over the world but most of them provide only On-Page and Off-page SEO and not Page Load Speed Optimization.

Though the page speed looks fine while the company performing SEO activities on your website, it might vary when you update the content. So, performing the Page load speed test and optimizing should be done frequently. But many companies don’t provide the Page Load Speed Optimization separately, whereas 7 Stones Digital do it for you. But before choosing us, let us explain how we can help in increasing the page speed by our page loading speed optimization services.

The very first thing we do for Page Load Speed Optimization is running the Page load speed test and generating the report so that we can get to know where the actual problem is. For the convenience of the client, we will simplify the report and create a detailed free page loading speed report and email it to the client.
Though the page speed looks fine while the company performs SEO activities on your website, it might vary when you update the content. So, performing the Page load speed test and optimizing should be done frequently. Many companies don’t provide the Page Load Speed Optimization separately, whereas 7 Stones Digital does it for you. But before choosing us, let us explain how we can help in increasing the page speed by our page loading speed optimization services.
Most of the website loading speed is used while downloading images, scripts, and other elements. We figure out the number of HTTP requests your website is making and reduce them in order to increase the Page Load Speed
If your website is loading slowly, the reason could be the cranky CSS or JSS files. The problem with the Content Management systems is that a JS or CSS file will be created every time you download a new plugin. Our experts reduce the CSS and JS files in all possible ways, which helps increasing the page loading speed.
A DNS lookup has a great effect on the website loading speed. DNS is a server with a database of IP address. If the DNS is slow, the time consumed for loading speed will be high as the browser will take more time to locate your website. So, it is important to have a reduced server response time to increase the website loading speed test. At 7 Stones Digital, our team will decrease the response time of the server in different ways.
We often use redirects to move or delete the pages to avoid broken link issues. But if you have too many redirects, additional HTTP requests will be created which in turn reduces Page load speed. So, it is essential to reduce redirects or it would be even better to eliminate them completely to enhance the website loading speed. We try to eliminate all of the redirects or reduce them to the maximum extent and bring your page loading speed to the ideal value.
The important thing you should remember – the smaller the files, the better they will load. The images or videos you used on your website takes a lot of time to download which is the main cause of your decreased Page load speed. At 7 Stones Digital, we help compressing all those files without sacrificing the quality. We will run a compression audit and enable it with Gzip which makes the files smaller. This process will reduce the download time nearly by 70 percent.
Website owners use too many Plugins for their comfort as they will take care of the work without leaving any coding work to you. But due to the installation of more plugins, the Page load speed gets decreased and there are also chances for the occurrence of security issues. So, it is required to decrease the number of plugins to increase your site’s

Uninstalling the plugins might be easy and any client can do it but if you are deleting a plugin, you may have to take care of the coding part to get uninterrupted with the features you are using when you are using the plugin. Here, 7 Stones Digital helps you! We have a team of developers to work on the coding issues and as per your requirement, they will provide all the features without the use of plugins.

In this way, the team of 7 Stones Digital will help increasing your website loading speed by working on different complicated issues. If you have any queries or to get our Page Loading Speed Optimization services to increase your website’s performance, you can contact our support team who will further connect you to our SEO team to communicate with you.

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