Social Media Designing


Social Media Designing

Designing for social media content is one of the prominent methods by which you can achieve brand exposure on a 360 degree level. Social media designing services make your content visually appealing and easy to be consumed by your audience. Before speaking about our quality SEO services and how we assure guaranteed results, let us give a brief description on SEO to make you understand what SEO is and how it works for your business.

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Why Social Media?

That’s where everybody lives! In a world of sensational Facebook posts, you need to go where your audience are instead of expecting them to come to you. And when you deliver the information at their comfort, half the job is done. You are at their home! Where else can you possibly be? Hence, social media is the ideal platform to connect to your audience on a personal level. We design social media posts to reach your audience at their habitat: The Social

Why designing?

Design can boost your business to the future.

“Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.” Steve Jobs

When the content is crafted using an excellent design, it reaches faster and is actively received. Everybody is looking for inspiration and your design must inspire people. This is the foundation of a brand’s trust. And our professionals are known to provide past clients with innovative design. You don’t want the audience to get bored seeing your content, do you? Innovative design helps avoid that and makes the content lively. The audience will react and respond to your content.

We do graphic designing for the following uses:

YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Banners

Facebook Ads

Podcast Cover

Pinterest graphics

social media design

Video Sharing

Instagram images

Google cover

Google Ads


To increase your visibility online




Facebook best practices implementation
Facebook page content additions
Facebook landing page
Facebook "Like" optimization
Best practices documentation
Initial Facebook seeding - 25+ Likes -
Population - 1st 10 Facebook posts written -
1 hour strategy consultation -
Custom Twitter background - -
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Initial Twitter seeding - 25+ Followers - -
Investment ₹ 25,500 ₹ 37,500 ₹ 52,500
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Visual Content is the IN thing!.

Our professionals at 7 Stones Digital expertise in all the types of visual content and use graphic design extensively:
social media design

Color schemes

Usually, we know the unwritten rule of working with a brand and social media design. Stick to the brand or logo’s colors. But today, companies are throwing their color schemes away and using what’s best and sensational!


Why use plain colors when you can use gradients of colors in one post. In a world where, women want every shade of red lipstick gradients grab attention.

Double Exposure

Double exposure are a trending image layout where two images are overlapped to express a thought. Often, people use double exposure for their portrait images

Choose layouts

Our professionals have a wide array of layouts that you can choose among. We also create custom layouts for social media posts. Our graphic designers provide the best services that are cost-effective to your company.

Share the post

Sharing posts are a cake walk and also is the most engaging way to create brand exposure. Share allows re-share. Don’t understand? When your post is useful and entertaining, people will share the post to their friends, this way you get promoted as well.


GIFs are images put together to make a tiny video. Thes enticing visuals make it hard to take your eyes off!

Vertical and Horizontal Split Screen

Why have one normal screen, when you can add two screens by slitting the page? Split screens are meaningful and make the audience curious to check the content written on it!

The process is casual too!

We work on a very efficient and easy process to deliver the best experience for your audience. Each process is a simple task that saves time and helps you concentrate on the important tasks of your brand.

Upload your photos or use stock images

Once you decide the layouts, we add visuals to the layouts. For images, we have to choices: one is to use your authentic photos or purchase and use stock images that are optimized.

Why US?

Just imagine, you have been invited to a costume party. What’s the first thing you want to make sure? The costume, of course! Well, Social media is the party everybody is attending and your design is your attire to look good. And, we does this in a cost effective way!

It’s all about images!

According to Business Insider, Facebook users are uploading 350 million new photos each day. That tells us that images are the new form of communication and expression. Also, 93% of most engaging posts are images and if that doesn’t tell you how to engage with your audience, then you can sit back and cringe.

In today’s world, if you are posting only content and no visual images or videos along with them, you are considered to be having a moot point! We, at 7 Stones Digital believe that you need to speak the same image language to reach your audience in Chennai and Bangalore first and fast! 90% of the time, humans respond to visual cues. You need to know how to persuade these responses to physical action. Thus leading to revenue. People tend to remember content that has images. And it’ the best way to make your audience accessible to your products/services.

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