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Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is not something you can store in your database, a strategy you can formulate, or a list of contacts you can reach out to. It involves people from different walks of life, and these are the people everyone looks up to for inspiration, advice, and guidance. Influencers exist to bring together brands and potential customers and assist people to make the right choice.

7 Stones Digital helps you build a bridge between you and your customers by offering premium and utmost influencer marketing services. We connect you to various influencers so that you can fully leverage your influencer marketing campaign and convert maximum leads.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?

People believe other people, and influencer marketing utilizes this fact to spread the word about your business. In a way, influencers form and build their online audience and maintain a fruitful relationship with people. This relationship then helps brands and businesses market their product to the common public. People are more likely to believe a person who they are following online rather than a normal digital post coming straight from your page.

People believe other people, and influencer marketing utilizes this fact to spread the word about your business. In a way, influencers form and build their online audience and maintain a fruitful relationship with people. This relationship then helps brands and businesses market their product to the common public. People are more likely to believe a person who they are following online rather than a normal digital post coming straight from your page.

However, influencer marketing is not as easy as it sounds. First, it is hard to even convince influencers to review your brand, and second, you need to really show them your actual worth. 7 Stones Digital helps you achieve exactly that with our influencer marketing strategy and wide network.

Why Do You Need Influencer Marketing?

Today, the competition between various brands and similar business models is more than ever. This is because digital media has made everything easier and everyone is using digital platforms to reach out to their potential audience. In the midst of this, even your audience can get confused and end up buying another product, service, or solution similar to yours. To avoid such a situation, you need influencer marketing in social media.

Influencers can help you directly target your potential customers and convert them into leads in a short duration of time. All this becomes possible because people trust influencers who are not related to your brand. These influencers, on the other hand, always give their honest review to their followers so if you reach out to influencers and mess up while introducing your business, there are fewer chances of a good portrayal.

7 Stones Digital assist you in contacting various influencers from your business field, convince them, and help you form an excellent business image. You need a strategy for all this, and our team helps you devise an all-round strategy that delivers maximum throughput.

Through our influencer marketing solutions, we let our clients meet business and conversion goals. We assist them in word-of-mouth marketing which is also always the strongest form of marketing your brand. And when it is about searching for top influencers, storytellers, and advocates of the general public, we pull in our resources to offer you the right influencers and correct forms of engaging and connecting with them.

Influencer Marketing pricing chart

View our pricing below to see the features of our Influencer Marketing strategy.


To increase your visibility online




Total Influencer Advertising Spend ₹12,000 ₹18,000 ₹30,000
- Influencers w/ 5k - 100k Monthly Pageviews = $1k - - -
- Influencers w/ 100k - 400k Monthly Pageviews = $4k - - -
- Influencers w/ 400k - 700k Monthly Pageviews = $8k - - -
- Influencers w/ 700k - 1M Monthly Pageviews= $12k - - -
- Influencers w/ 1M-2M Monthly Pageviews= $16k - - -
- Influencers w/ 2M-4M Monthly Pageviews = $20k - - -
Social Amplification by Influencers - $2,000 $10,000
Possible Impressions Across All Platforms 2 Million 8 Million 20 Million
Target Audience Research
Competitor Intelligence Report -
Demographic and Interest Research
Influencer Strategy Development
Vetting Influencers
Hiring and Contracting Influencers
Communicating with Influencers
Dedicated Outreach Specialist to Ensure Brand Standards and Key Messages are Upheld
Fact Checking Before Publication for Factual Inaccuracies and Brand Misrepresentation
Targeted Keyword Research
Influencer Matching Report (Pick Your Publishers)
Google Analytics Setup w/ Conversion Tracking
Unique Tracking Code Development
Ongoing Monthly Traffic & Goal Reporting
Social Media Monitoring Interface Access
Development of micro-blogs -
Keyword Rank Checking -
Minimum Monthly Investment 90 days 90 days 90 days
Campaign Advertising Spend ₹ 3,60,000 spent on Influencers ₹ 6,00,000 spent on Influencers ₹ 12,00,000 spent on Influencers
Campaign Setup & Management Cost (One Time) ₹ 1,20,000 ₹ 1,80,000 ₹ 3,00,000
Development of Media Kit
Development of Creative Brief with Key Messages
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Features of Our Influencer Marketing Services

Our influencer marketing solutions ensure that you receive maximum ROI and our team assists you in achieving that.

We have collaborated with top influencers and you can easily utilize this facility when you work with us.

We help you develop a robust and productive strategy that delivers utmost results and higher conversions.

Communication with our support and maintenance team is as simple as a click and you can contact us any time.

We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our clients for better decision and enhanced partnership.

Our team delivers timely reports so that you can analyze and compare growth and increased conversions.

Influencer Marketing Services

Before launching your influencer marketing strategy, we help you develop a flexible, result-driven plan.

We assist you in reaching to correct influencers who can correctly market your product, service, or solution.

Once you have selected your influencers, we help your content reach to the maximum audience for more leads.

Our team timely tracks the performance and outreach of your content and marketing plan for future purpose.

Advantages of Our Influencer Marketing Services

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Increased sales

Influencer marketing leads to better sales and higher conversions. This is because when influencers reach out to your target audience, this target audience is more likely to trust your brand. So, the next time they need similar services, products, or solutions, they automatically know your brand is available.

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Better ROI

Not only our influencer marketing plans are cost-effective but also they let you achieve higher ROI with increased audience. Influencer marketing in social media is one of the simplest return on investments with minimum money spend on marketing, planning, strategizing, implementing, and analyzing the results.

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Enhanced awareness

When influencers talk about your brand, your brand visibility and awareness automatically increases. Think about it, when you are only marketing your product via digital platforms, you are reaching to a limited number of audience. However, when you increase this audience base, awareness increases.

influencer marketing agency  Chennai

Enhanced credibility

People are more likely to trust other people than businesses and organizations, and that is why influencer marketing is so important. When influencers, and in other words, people talk about your brand, your potential customers already start thinking of your company, organization, or brand as a credible source.

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Increased SEO outreach

Influencer marketing gives you additional benefits by enhancing your search engine ranking. The phrases and keywords used by these influencers can add up to your SEO. Already these people have great outreach, and when backlinks from their websites redirect to yours, you receive more customers.

Why choose us?

7 Stones Digital provides the best influencer marketing services in Chennai. When you contact us with your business model and brand identity, our team works with you to devise a perfect plan, find right influencers, contact them, and finally, increase your brand’s visibility.

We follow agile development process and our team of experts assist you in every step from planning to implementation, and help you acquire a wider audience. Further, we pull in our numerous resources to provide you with top solutions and extraordinary services.

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