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Video Infographics

Already got bored of going through long pages of content? Same here! It takes a lot of time to find, read and understand the information that you provide for your customers. Here comes the 7 Stones Digital to provide knowledge, information, and entertainment at the same time. Surprised how? It is only possible through the Video Infographics.

People used to have graphs to break down the concepts to the people but now, everything can be converted and represented in the form of infographics. This helps in attracting more visitors and driving traffic to your website. Wait! We have an even more advanced concept – Video Infographics.

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What are Video Infographics?

Video Infographics are the animated videos represented graphically. These videos have the power of creating unique marketing strategies for your business to create brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales.

Video Infographics have a compelling visual content that encourages the viewers to share it on the internet resulting in the increased sales and profits. We, 7 Stones Digital have a team of Video Infographics makers who can create the unique and expressive video infographics and enhance your brand awareness.

Video Infographics Pricing Package


To increase your visibility online



Motion Graphic strategy development
Topic Research and Generation
Customized Topic Proposal with Data to Back it Up
Data analysis and Research
Initial Motion Graphic Prototype
Audience Research -
Motion Graphic design revisions 3 edits 3 edits
Final Motion Graphic Delivery
Delivery of source files
Video optimization
YouTube profile optimization
Publishing on video sharing sites
Dedicated project manager
Dedicated Production Review Software for easy collaboration
..... Real Time Design Feedback"
..... Track version iterations to restore changes
Blog Post Writing
Media Promotion Outreach (No Submission sites. Only Media Heavyweights to niche blogs.) - Minimum of 10 hours spent
Social Media Promotion Budget - ₹ 5000
.....Facebook Promotion Lite promotion Heavy promotion
.....Twitter Promotion Lite promotion Heavy promotion
......StumbleUpon Promotion Lite promotion Heavy promotion
......Pinterest Promotion Lite promotion Heavy promotion
.....LinkedIn Promotion Lite promotion Heavy promotion
......Reddit Promotion Lite promotion Heavy promotion
Final Traffic and Social Interaction Campaign Report -
Investment ₹ 70000 ₹ 150000
Multiple Motion Infographics Order *Call for discounts *Call for discounts
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Ideal Video Infographics Qualities:

  • The video should be short, unique, and creative.
  • It has to run for less than 2 minutes.
  • The video should grab the attention of viewers in less than 3 seconds.
  • To reach the specific audience with respect to the demographics, industry or a profile
  • Attractive title and caption should be added.
  • Amazing picture quality is required and much more

Why Choose 7 Stones Digital for Video Infographics Services?

There are many video infographic makers around the world who can create good infographics for your content. Then why should you choose 7 Stones Digital among others! The reason is not limited to one as our ultimate goal is the customer satisfaction and we will work in all possible ways to reach our goal.

A beautiful video with a great concept not only grabs the attention but also gains you a ton of shares easily. At 7 Stones Digital, our experts create a superior quality video that illustrates your product or service creatively. It would be more effective if the user watches a video than reading a simple text as there are more possibilities that the user will convert into customer.

The aim of 7 Stones Digital is to improve the business of the clients through the quality Video Infographics that provides effective communication to the users. We can create the Video Infographics that can be used for different purposes which includes Advertising, Brochures, Postures, Websites, Presentations, Social Media Platforms and much more.

Our videos possess attention to detail, inspiration, quality, and uniqueness which are highly required to make a video viral. Our clients, with whom we have worked till date, will always choose us for creating the Video Infographics which outperformed their competitors drastically.

When it comes to designing a Video Infographics for your brand, it needs to be creative and unique as well. If you have come up with a similar concept of your competitor, no one’s going to watch or share it and there are way too many chances for your competitor to take advantage of it. So, keeping this in mind, 7 Stones Digital discusses about the brand with the client and understands their requirement completely to make the video unique, relevant, and creative.

7 Stones Digital meets the deadlines set by the client. We understand the urgency of the clients and create the Video Infographics in given time limit without compromising in terms of quality. As we have worked on hundreds of projects, we have the ability to handover the complete project on time.

Not many users directly click on the ad when they see it for the first time. This is when remarketing comes in. Audience requires better convincing coupled with familiarity to enable them to click and land on your page. We make sure that your ads are frequently displayed in front of your target audience and with the right copy and design, the campaign will result in more leads and sales.

This is what every client expects from us – the quality services for affordable price. Unlike many other Video Infographics service companies, 7 Stones Digital provides the best videos for a reasonable cost. Keeping in mind, the expenses of common people, we made our services available in the market for the lowest possible price.

We always value our clients and create the videos according to their interests. If you are not satisfied with the output, we are always ready to make changes. We will revise each and every step and understand what changes we have to make to reach your expectations.

7 Stones Digital has served numerous clients across the world and with that experience, we can guarantee the conversions and sales through our quality Video Infographics.

Up to now, we have discussed about the Video Infographics creation and now here is another important thing you have to show enough care for – Video Infographics Marketing.

Creating an awesome Video Infographics is the first essential step but do you think anyone can see it without marketing? To reach your creative infographic video to the target audience, you must have to go with Video Infographics Marketing.

Video Infographics Marketing is quite difficult when compared to Video Infographics creations, as marketing needs different strategies that work for a specific business that generates the leads and improves the business. Our Video Infographics Marketing strategy includes internal and external market view, plan for the strategy, and continuous improvement.

Internal market view involves discovering and understanding your business completely and the external market view is all about business and customer analysis. After we are done with both, we plan for the perfect strategy that works for your business and then we make continuous improvements as it is an ongoing process of optimizing the strategy time to time, depending on the outcome.

Benefits of Video Infographics

There are numerous benefits of Video Infographics as they can be used in different ways.
  • Video Infographics transforms a boring or non-working piece of content into an attractive asset for your business.
  • Video Infographics simplifies the story you want to tell and makes everyone understand the concept easily.
  • Video Infographics also has the capability of getting more shares than the general infographics
  • Video Infographics can be used as a recruitment tool as you can create a clear video mentioning all of your requirements.
  • Video Infographics attract high traffic to your website and increases the sales.
  • Video Infographics helps reach your brand to your target audience clearly.

  • These are just some of the benefits you can get when you choose 7 Stones digital for Video Infographics services and there are many more tactics that our expert infographic makers will use to create awareness on your brand and generate the leads.

  • To improve your business through Video Infographics creation and Video Infographics Marketing, or to get even more information about Video Infographics by meeting us directly, you can call us or contact us through email.

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