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What is a landing page?

A landing page is where a visitor first lands on a website from ads.

Short Overview.

Visitors are usually driven via PPC campaigns from different destinations to a landing page. These landing pages convince the visitor and get them engaged in any specific action on the website (the page you are looking at is a landing page with CTA buttons). Here are some most-essential factors influencing the landing page visitors:

  • The heading should be relevant to Ad.
  • Additional informations relevant to Ad.
  • Relevant attractive images
  • Informations of additional services
  • The Call To Action (CTA)
  • Live chat support
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Website landing page design in chennai

Why Do You Require a Landing Page?

For conversions
Landing pages are like the business and pleasure of any website conversion. Providing the visitors with targeted content, it lets them take next action like form filling, purchasing products etc.
For lead generations
Without leads, it’s impossible to generate customers. Lead generation for landing pages is specifically used for capturing personal information of a potential customer such as a name, phone number, etc. This is further used to nurture that customer down your marketing funnel.
For SEO value
Higher the rank, higher the conversions. With specific keywords on the landing page, the SEO value increases, and there is more possibility to rank high in search engines.
To collect demographic data
You can obtain information about who is visiting your site, their behavior, gender, age group they belong to, and so on. This information helps you to target directly at your audience in an effective manner.
To market the offers
Offers always have a hard time to find a place on a website. Placing the offers on the conversion page drives traffic. Also, increase the effectiveness of marketing offer to gain more conversion.

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The price of a landing page varies from company to company. The price of a landing page depends on a number of factors, such as Amount of content on the landing page, Testing of the landing page, Profile Creation, Optimization of the landing page, etc.



Aggressive Plan


Market Leader


Top Market
Fully Responsive Design Across All Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
Conversion tracking code setup
Dedicated account representative
Market research
Conversion strategy
1 hour consulting on strategy implementation - -
Landing page design Unlimited Iterations Unlimited Iterations
Landing page programming/build 1 Iteration 3 Iterations
Multivariate conversion testing - 1 Iteration 3 Iterations
Copywriting - 1 Iteration 3 Iterations
User testing -
Setup of auto responders -
Confirmation/Thank you page -
Flash/jQuery interactive calls to action - -
Lead forms integrated into CRM (ex. - -
Performance test reporting -
Conversion reporting -
Call tracking Additional 2500.00 INR Additional 2500.00 INR
Database integration By Quote By Quote By Quote
Video creation & implementation By Quote By Quote By Quote
Time frame 3 weeks 7 weeks 10 to 14 weeks
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Categories of Landing Pages!

A standalone landing page is designed specifically for conversions. It includes various categories like a Viral landing page, Infomercial, Click Through and Lead Capture (Lead Generation).
Also named as “Sitelet”, a microsite is a small website with multiple pages which is created as an addition/supplement for the main website. This is used for running large campaigns as they help to drive high traffics.
This is a page with a homepage and other product information. This type of landing page requires no extra work to create a separate page. It’s just a part of a complete website. You can promote your single service as well as send your customers to the homepage which eventually makes them choose other services offered. This is also a great way to make a profit.

6 Crucial landing page errors that ruin your results.

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Website landing page design in chennai

Slow Page Loading

It kills conversion rates, and increases bounce rates. Make sure your page loads within 2 seconds or less than that.

Irrelevant Images

Images with no relevance to products are more likely to confuse and deviate your visitors. Include images that are relevant and speaks your brand's language.

Generic CTA Placement

Wrong placement of CTA makes everything go in haste. Also, avoid white spaces to help focus attention details.

Clustered Design

Too many banners or irrelevant stuff destroys the designs of your website. Keep it simple and attractive.

Irrelevant Title

Title of your landing page should be specific and relevant to key phrases. A clear title focusing on a benefit generally performs the best.

Options To Redirect

Redirection makes people move away from your website. Avoid too many redirects and remove unwanted and broken links.

What Do We Offer To Rectify Landing Page Errors

7 Stones Offers clear, concise, upto the mark and strong landing page design which allure visitors to take an action.

Test Your Page Speed

At 7 Stones, we make use of latest tools to analyze the page loading speed of your website, both in desktop and mobile. Added to this, we help you by giving suggestions as to which image/ code errors have to be optimized to avoid slow loading of a website.

Clean Your Code

A website has to be in an organized manner and clutter free. At 7 Stones, we help you to remove unwanted junks, sections, tags and make your code appear clean and clear. This helps your website to load quickly. Also, we use tools to make sure that your website’s content loads quickly and smoothly.

Minimize Redirects

We help you to minimize redirects by eliminating the unwanted links without changing the actual functioning of the page. If your webpage requires redirects, we would help you to provide it from the server side, rather than from the client side. This eventually helps for people to stay on the same page.

Image Compressing

Images of large size also increases loading time. This can also be problematic. We provide suggestions prior to uploading as which image has to be optimized for faster loading of your page. Additionally, we help you to host files of larger size externally, for better performance.

Content Writing

The content of a landing page has to be appealing, drive traffic and increase conversion. At 7 Stones, we believe great content translates the conversion in a blink. Hence we would help you by providing, short, to the point and appealing content. Also, you can expect persuasive content from us which provides actionable benefits.

CTA Positioning

Making a CTA standout from the rest of the elements is the real big task. At 7 Stones, we would strive our best for the right placement of your CTA on your landing page to avoid distraction and focus on details. Also, whitespaces will be avoided to help focus attention on the elements of the page.

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