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Here at 7 Stones Digital, we often get questions from businesses about online marketing, and we do our best to answer every one. We are happy to serve you!


Why is website development important?
Web development is important to form the brand's identity. It is a platform to have communication with your potential clients. It also serves the purpose of selling products and giving appropriate knowledge about the services and products.
What is the purpose of Web development?
The purpose of the business website is to turn visitors into potential customers.
What are the advantages of Web development?
Businesses can have an end number of advantages of Web development. It is cost-effective in terms of advertising your business. Customers can visit any time to your online site and have business with you. It builds credibility if you are digitally present. It perfectly caters you required customers only.
What does website development mean?
Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.
Why is the website necessary?
A well-built website increases the visibility in search results. It gives your business a boost. The more visible your site is, the more clients you get.
What is a web layout?
Web layout is the blueprint of a website's design. It shows how the website will look like and which features will be added in that.
What are the benefits of a website?
It helps to enhance your online presence, boosts the credibility of your business, gives you a chance to share your success stories with your clients, and gets you connected with potential customers. In short, it is the word of mouth for your business.
Why Choose WordPress?
It's an open-source program. Open source means it is freely available for everyone which makes it easy for the developers to use it and make changes in the site as per their needs.
What exactly is Web development?
The web development is a process including web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.
What makes a good website design?
Simple and clear design to serve all the purposes makes a good website. It should be user-friendly. A good web design enables to navigate from one page to another easily.
What is included in website design?
Website design includes web graphic design, interface design, authoring, standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization.
What is WordPress and how it works?
WordPress is blogging software. It is a well-known platform for web development. It's an open-source software which is freely available for everyone. It is easy for the developers to use it and make changes in the site as per their needs. It works with two components on your web server: PHP and MySQL.
What makes a website successful?
There are a lot of factors which make a website successful. The website design should be eye-pleasing and professionally done. Website navigation, SEO, mobile-friendly, word of mouth etc. make a website successful.
What does every website need?
Website design includes web graphic design, interface design, authoring, standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization.Every website should have contact information, blog, SEO strategy, testimonials, photos and videos of your work/venue/team, a newsletter sign in, social media accounts and call to action button.
What should I add to my website?
Add a Windows Live Tile
Add open search to your site
Add a humans.txt
Include Touch Icons for iOS & Android
Add the Homescreen Call out
What are the features of WordPress?
With WordPress, you can create any type of website you want and with the click of a button, your content is live on the web. It gives the facility of user management, media management, easy installation and upgrade etc.
What is HTML and its features?
HTML is the language for describing the structure of Web pages. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Web pages consist of markup tags and plain text. HTML5 is the next generation of HTML.
Which is better HTML or WordPress?
WordPress is better than HTML. It is free to use and gives you the freedom to have control and make changes in your websites.
What are the disadvantages of HTML?
You will need to hire a developer even for smaller tasks like adding new pages, updating old content, or uploading videos or images. It doesn't provide any additional feature.
What are the advantages of HTML editors?
Anyone can create websites quickly and put them online without having any programming knowledge. You can make changes in content and web pages easily.
What is E-commerce website development?
E-commerce websites are online portals that allow users' online transactions of goods and services through means of the transfer of information and funds over the Internet.
How much does it cost to design an E-commerce website?
E-commerce website development prices can range from $10,000 to $500,000 or more.
How much does it cost to build an e-commerce website in India?
It starts with 15K and can go up to Lakhs.
How do I build an E-commerce website from scratch?
Choose a business model and products to sell, select a domain name and E-commerce site builder, set up the payment gateway, install the SSL certificate and at last select your shipping partner.
What is a rapid development tool?
Rapid Application Development refers to a software development approach which puts less emphasis on planning and design specifications. It focuses more on rapid development and quick feedback.
Is Web development part of digital marketing?
Digital marketing can't be done in the absence of web development. Digital Marketing and Web Development need to work side by side.It is vital that ongoing digital marketing forms an important part of any company's web development strategy.
What does digital marketing include?
Digital marketing refers to advertising through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.


Why is SEO so expensive?
The most common reasons an SEO campaign might become expensive are:
  • Competitive keywords
  • National ranking aspirations
  • Extensive research and content writing
  • New website with little or no SEO
  • Costs of establishing a brand and presence online
How SEO works step by step?
Initially, it works in four stages:
  • Keyword research
  • Creating the site
  • Constructing content
  • On-page optimization
How much does SEO cost per month?
It depends on many factors like Industry Competition, Number of Keywords, Guarantee offered etc. It costs 2000$ per month.
Are SEO services worth it?
Yes, SEO services are very important for all kinds of businesses to attract potential clients.
How do I make my website SEO friendly?
Yes, SEO services are worth it. To make a website SEO friendly, you need to start by researching long-tailed keywords. After researching them, optimize your content accordingly and add those researched words in your content.
Is SEO worth it for small business?
In present times, it is worthy for a small business to have SEO service. Doesn't matter how eye-catching your website is, if you are not in the first 2 pages of the search results then you are unavailable for your customers and the growth of your business will be seized.
Does SEO matter?
SEO'S goal is to drive more customers to your site and turn them into regular customers. If you want your business to grow then yes, SEO really matters.
Is SEO important for E-commerce?
One thing is to be remembered for all E-commerce sites that SEO drives traffic and traffic drives sales. In short, it is very important for E-commerce.
What is E-Commerce SEO?
E-commerce SEO is all about putting your page in first 10 organic search results.
Why SEO is required for any website?
You put all the information about your products and services on your site. But if you are not at the top in search results then no customer will be able to find you. Henceforth, your business will not receive any potential customer. That's why SEO is important for websites.
Is SEO necessary for ranking a website on Google?
Yes, it is necessary for ranking. Google ranks your website in top results if it has relevant content for the users.
How long does it take for SEO to work?
It usually takes 6 months to get the results of SEO.
How often should you do SEO?
It's an ongoing process and it needs to be changed often as Google algorithm changes quickly. You should do SEO thrice in a year.
How do you attract online customers?
Online customers can be attracted by having a user-friendly site, social media activities, Email marketing, promos and customer care.
How can you make sales more effective?
By following the few steps, you can be at the top of the market and make effective sales.
  • Identify the target audience.
  • Choose marketing methods wisely.
  • Create a sales funnel.
  • Use an Email Newsletter to have a connection with customers.
  • Use Social Media to connect and engage.
Is WordPress better than Wix for SEO?
Wordpress is better than Wix. It gets frequent updates and has a lively community, great content management capabilities and a great blogging module.
Which is better for SEO? HTML or WordPress?
Wordpress is better for SEO. It has more advantages than HTML.
Which website platform is best for SEO?
Wordpress, Shopify and BigCommerce are the best options to choose.
Which SEO techniques are in trend?
  • Voice search optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Quality content
  • Blockchain for SEO
  • Long and in-depth content
How many types of link building are there in SEO?
There are three types of link building; Backlinks, Outbound links and Internal links.
Does linking to other sites help SEO?
When you link from your website to other relevant and authoritative websites, you’re adding value and providing a great service to searchers. It improves your ranking. Thus linking to other sites help SEO.
Is link building still relevant to SEO?
Link building helps to increase the visibility of the site and it is still relevant to SEO.
How SEO can help you with ROI?

ROIs are a company’s profit against their financial investments. Returns can mean increased sales, profits, brand awareness, reduced expenses and other quantifiable measurements that can determine the state of a business. To put it in simple words, a good SEO website content can reach the top pages in search engine result pages, which helps to bring in many visitors. If your potential customers are satisfied, a lead is produced. If the website is appealing and user-friendly, a lead can be converted to sales. Now, trace back to the origin. Yes, SEO. SEO is the seed for business sales. It can shoot a business either up or down. Handling it with ever-evolving changes can help a business sustain the market competition. Satisfying all these can help to increase sales, profits and brand awareness.
This can be mapped out as

  • SEO gets more traffic
  • SEO attracts the right audience
  • SEO can give a better user experience
  • SEO gives less bounce rate
Eventually, the website will have high online visibility. This can give a clear picture of how SEO and ROI go hand in hand. You are building an asset for your business by investing in SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to market local business online, it helps to improve business within local customers. “Restaurants near me” or “SEO companies near me” or “local SEO companies near me” are examples of local SEO. It can be very effective for the small and medium business to get more traffic with the help of Google Maps, Bing, Apple Maps other location-based search engine tools. Having a strong local SEO strategy is the first step to put a business on the map. According to a survey, Users tend to reach out to Google for searching anything on the internet. If a business focuses only on Google, you are exposed to at least 92% of the internet users, which is a great number for a local business investor.

5 signs that your SEO is outdated

Keyword Stuffing Keyword stuffing refers to the practice of loading a webpage with repetitive keywords in an attempt to manipulate the website’s ranking in SERPs. Many content creators thought that stuffing product description with certain keywords can help websites crawl to higher rankings, this was the case when Google started its digital impression.
Poor Content Content is one of the most important components for interacting with your audience. You can grow your business with compelling content that can attract your customers. The first interaction a customer has with your product is through your content description.
Bad User Experience No matter how effective SEO content the website has, with bad user experience the website gets a hard hit at SERPs rankings. Bad user experience can mean dead links, slow loads and not appealing web designs to attract customer.
Website Blog Blogging is a great way to broadcast a business’s brand and content. It can bring a direct link between product and visitors, which can eventually increase brand exposure. Our experts at 7 Stones Digital, an SEO services company in Chennai, upon signing up help a business track down competitor, industry and product analysis to improve visitors online by writing blogs accordingly.
Keyword Density High keyword denity overloads contents with unnecessary keywords to the point where search engines get confused and will neglect those contents in SERPs. SEO agencies should balance both the content and the keyword to enter into top SERPs. Always maintain a keyword recurrence after 100 words to be on the safer side.

How to find a reputable SEO company?

A firm that can meet your imagination For beginners, to know there are different kinds of traffic which can affect your business. Not all organic traffic gets translated into sales. The SEO agency should map out what investors are trying to accomplish with SEOs. No matter what business prospects you are into, be clear on what result you require and expect. A firm that tracks your data Creating impressive SEO content is the first step to improve your visibility. Completion of this process does not mean you can forever be on the first page of SERPs, you have to track your insights for maintaining them. Analyzing content that has increased your audience and helped to convert leads into sales can help to gain knowledge on what people like and expect. A firm that adapts to changes In this digital world, with these ever-evolving technologies, one has to keep on changing his marketing techniques and strategies to cope with the competition. Many content creators thought that stuffing product description with certain keywords, crawl to higher rankings, this was the case when google started its digital impression. Many search engines found that it gave bad user experience without quality informative content. Later, search engines algorithms were changed to scrutinize quality content. A firm that audits your content Most SEO creators are focused on creating new content wherein they fail to analyze and optimize the existing content. It helps to check whether the existing content achieves its goals and produces good ROI. Updation to the ever-ending change in this digital world should be noted often and changes should be brought to limelight whenever needed to adhere to the current situations.

Why do we need to consider SEO's while redesigning a website?

To pull off a successful marketing campaign, Design and Content should go hand-in-hand. Balancing both of them in measured quantities can generate a huge market for the company. Excluding SEO while redesigning a site can result in reduced traffic and leads. The search engines begin to neglect your website for the preferred keyword even though your product is related. Search engines find hard to understand your website and eventually your visibility is diminished. Google loves a website only when Design and SEO co-exist


What is PPC advertising?
PPC is an advertising model in which brands pay only when a user clicks on their online ads. The most common pay per click advertising is the paid search ads. When organic traffic is not enough, you need a push to increase. Everyone loves one more hour of sleep, one more episode to watch. Paid marketing can help with more traffic that is organic.
What is a PPC ad network?
The PPC ad networks are platforms that deliver ads to your consumers. Google AdSense, Facebook, Microsoft Advertising, Media.net, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Revcontent, Vibrant Media, Adcash, Sulvo and Clickbooth are few PPC ad networks.
What is PPC ad spend?
PPC ad spend is the budget that is provided to ad networks for displaying your content. The average cost per click in Google Ads is $1 to $2 on the search network. If you are unsure about how to allocate your budget, Contact Us. We are a leading PPC company that provides effective PPC Management Services in Chennai.
. Where can you advertise with PPC ads?
With the Internet being your tool, you can leverage them to any extend. The most popular platforms are:
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Do people really click on online PPC ads?
    Yes. PPC ads get more ROI than other marketing methods. Ads that appear on the top of SERPs attract the potential customers easily. More than 60% of the users tend to click the ads that are on the top of SERPs ad section. PPC ad helps consumers directly enter the sales funnel without other formalities.
    How much does a PPC ad campaign cost?
    The cost of a PPC ad campaign varies from business to business. The most expensive keyword in Google Ads cost $50 per click as they are competitive keywords with high lifeline value. 7 Stones Digital with its transparent price range has benefited various brands to improve their online reach. Click here to check your quote.
    What factors determine my PPC costs?
    PPC costs depend on the below factors:
    Keyword Bid The most important deciding factor for keywords cost-per-click is the Bid. The most expensive keyword in Google Ads cost $50 per click as they are competitive keywords with high lifeline value.
    Quality score They are Google’s rating for the quality and relevance of your keywords and ads. Quality score multiplied by your maximum bid helps to determine the ad rank in the auction process.
    Competition Competitors can greatly affect the keyword price, bidding strategy, ad position and CPCs. They will force you to make your own bid to compete them in the race.
    Why advertise with pay-per-click ads?
    Advantages of PPC ads:
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast results
  • Targeted ads
  • Track results quickly
  • Consistent traffic
  • Direct entry into the sales funnel
  • Provides better ROI
  • Geo-Targeting and Ad Scheduling
  • Boosts SEO Strategy
  • Remarketing
  • What businesses can (and should) advertise online?
    All business irrespective of size and budget can use PPC services. Below are a few examples:
  • Restaurants
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Doctors
  • Merchants
  • Educational Institutions
  • Arts and films
  • Clothing merchandise
  • Retail shops
  • Tours and Travel industry
  • How does PPC advertising work?
    PPC depends on the ad network and ad type a business chooses to invest. With Google,
  • Consumers make a search on Google
  • Google compiles all the quality scores and ads thereby launching the auction
  • Ad ranks are provided based on the quality and bid of each brand
  • Finally, Google lists the ads from highest to lowest rank order
  • Google also determines the CPC with,
    CPC = Your Ad Rank -1 / Your Quality Score + $0.01
    How often should I check my PPC campaigns?
    PPC experts suggest weekly campaign check-ins for best results. While new ad campaigns should be monitored daily. 7 Stones Digital is a leading PPC company that provides the best PPC Management Services in Chennai can help to monitor your campaigns and also make changes to improve your campaign.
    Are PPC and SEM the same?
    No. PPC or Pay per click is the method by the website traffic is driven with the help of paid advertising. WhileSEM is the Digital Marketing stream which focuses on both free and paid services. The ultimate goal of SEM is to increase a brand’s website visibility on SERPs.
    Are Paid Search and PPC the same?
    There is a little difference between them. Paid search ads refer to all the ads you create that get displayed on Google, Bing and other search engines where people search for ads. Whereas PPC is an Internet advertising model used to drive traffic to a website, if the ad is clicked you have to pay.
    How to do PPC for my website?
    Steps taken to do PPC for your website are:
  • Do keyword research
  • Research target audience
  • Create strong ads with CTA
  • Optimize your website
  • Launch your ads
  • Use remarketing
  • Monitor and improve campaign
  • What are Google Search Ads?
    Google Search Ads appear on the top and bottom of the organic search results. Brands will have to only pay if consumers click on their link. These ads are the most utilized form of paid advertising.
    What is Google AdWords PPC?
    Google AdWords is an advertising system by Google for brands that want to display ads on Google search results and other advertising platforms. This service enables the brand to set a campaign and can only pay when people click the ads.
    What is Google PPC advertising?
    Pay per click is an online advertising service in which brands pay each time when a user clicks their ads. These are not organically generated traffic; you pay to drive in traffic to your website.
    What is PPC on Google or other platforms?
    The concept of all PPC platforms is the same. All are designed to help brands to drive traffic and increase revenue. Each platform has specific features making them unique over the other. Google Ads are the most widely used platform for PPC. Google provides much traffic volume for keywords compared to Bing and other platforms. While Google has slight lesser CTRs for shopping and financial services compared to Bing. The cost per click of Bing is 70% less compared to AdWords. Even with all these variations, Google stands tall and has dominated the search engine market to a greater extend.
    What is different between PPC and AdWords?
    PPC is one of the ad types that come under AdWords. AdWords is Google’s online advertising service for businesses to achieve quicker results. Whereas PPC is a subset within AdWords that charges a brand when someone clicks on the ad.
    What is the difference between AdWords and SEM?
    AdWords belongs to Google, While the term SEM is a marketing option available with all other search engines too. SEM is an umbrella under which all the paid services belong.
    What is the difference between SEO & PPC?
    The traffic coming from SEO is free while the traffic generated from PPC is not free. PPC generated ads are placed above the organic SEO generated results. SEO is a long-time consuming process while PPC drives traffic and revenue within a short period. Use PPC when you want faster results and SEO when you have a limited budget.
    How effective is PPC Advertising?
    PPC Advertising drives quick traffic, increases sales and conversions faster than other marketing channels. With the proper use of budget, a PPC campaign can generate effective ROI. For example, if a brand makes 100 clicks a day and each click costs $0.30. This makes the total cost to $30. Profiting $5 on each product, with 6 clicks the brand gets a breakeven business.
    What is PPC?
    PPC campaign is an advertising model in which brands pay only when a user clicks on their online ads. The most common pay per click advertising is the paid search ads. PPC includes search ads, local ads, display ads and remarketing.
    How is PPC important for your business?
    Advantages of PPC for business:
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick results
  • Targeted ads
  • Easy convert
  • Brand recognition
  • Better ROI
  • Why should we learn PPC in 2020?
    With effective campaign strategy and competitive keywords, PPC boosts website traffic, increases sales, helps control ad cost and makes you pay only for clicks. The results generated by PPC takes months to be achieved using SEO methods. In 2020, with a lot of competition on one side and demand for products from the other side, this can be the right time to tap into vast opportunities. With millennials occupying the Internet, they click the top results in the SERPs. This is a major benefit to implement PPC advertising in your brand strategy.
    What are the benefits of PPC?
    Below are various benefits of PPC:
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast results
  • Budget Control
  • Pay only when clicked
  • Targeted text ads
  • Results can be tracked easily
  • Immediate and consistent traffic
  • Immediate entry into the purchase funnel
  • Provides better ROI than other strategies
  • Geo-Targeting and Ad Scheduling
  • Boosts SEO Strategy
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media Marketing

    What Is Social Media Management?
    Social Media Management is the process of managing, scheduling and analysing online interactions and content across various social media channels. It also focuses to engage the audience to increase reach and visibility, rather than just posting updates on your social media profile. Social media management can be improved with the use of tools and expert social media strategists.
    Benefits of Social Media Marketing
    More than 85% of the business utilise social media marketing to launch their new products. This is only because of the advantages ofsocial media platforms. Below are a few advantages of social media marketing:
    • Cost-Effective
    • Increased Brand awareness
    • More incoming traffic
    • Improved Search Engine Rankings
    • Better Conversion Rates
    • Better Customer Satisfaction
    • Improved Brand Loyalty
    • Brand Authority
    • Effective insights
    Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Use?
    Each social media platform has its separate speciality to connect people with shared interests and behaviour. Analyse your potential consumers and make sure to study all the social media platforms they are already using. After this, pair your goals, audience and content with your selected social media platform to boost your brand growth. Your potential consumers mostly dwell on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTubeand LinkedIn.
    How to maximize Leads with Social Media
    First, study the demographic of all the social media platforms, if they are relevant with your business it is a good fit. Below are certain elements to be taken care to generate leads with social media:
    • Utilise multiple platforms
    • Develop an effective strategy
    • Do demographic research
    • Produce high-quality contents
    • Generate a posting schedule and market your content
    • Engage with your audience
    • Cross-promote your content across various platforms
    • Monitor results
    • Optimize your website
    How to Measure the ROI of Social Media Marketing
    The basic social media ROI calculation formula is: ROI % = Profit / Investment x 100
    All social media platforms have built-in analytics that tracks engagement, likes, shares and other performance metrics. Facebook Insights, Pinterest web Analytics and LinkedIn Page Insights are few to name. Social media tools like these come in handy to measure your social media marketing performance. Added to this, Google Analytics is the most powerful tool for measuring the ROI of social media. They help to show marketers conversion rate and the impact of each social media strategy in a very big picture.
    KPIs for Social Media
    Social media is the best platform to nurture and build a relationship with your audience. Thereby, increasing revenue, growth, reach and overall brand visibility. Below are the main Keypoint indicators for social media:
    a) Engagement
    • Clicks
    • Likes
    • Shares
    • Comments
    • Brand mentions
    • Profile visits
    • Active followers
    b) Reach
    • Followers
    • Traffic
    • Impressions
    • Click-through-rate
    c) Lead conversion
    d) Cost per lead
    7 Social Media Optimization Tips for Your Profiles
    Optimizing your social media can help to build, engage and maximize your social media plan. This helps to connect with your audience effectively and streamline them directly into the purchasing funnel. Below are a few tips for how to optimize your social media:
    • Optimize your profile, make sure to add profile photos and a short description
    • Conduct keyword research
    • Optimize your strategy based on demographics
    • Optimize your content
    • Use trending hashtags
    • Generate a posting schedule
    • Monitor your campaign
    What Can a Social Media Marketing Company Do for You?
    An expert social media marketing agency can help to guide a brand into the vast land of social media and help them tackle various day to day problems that can be difficult for a business to take care of.
    Below are certain things that a social media marketing company can take care of:
    • Engaging social media content
    • Data-driven expertise
    • Posting schedule
    • Daily monitoring
    • Dedicated social media strategist
    • Transparent monthly reports and metrics
    • In-house resources
    • Advanced Marketing tools
    • Increase in ROI
    Is Social Media Better Than Traditional Marketing?
    Yes. With the rapid growth of Internet marketing, all brands have ventured into social media to expand their business reach. With social media there is no longer limitation with borders, anyone can promote, sell and buy a product. More than 64% of the consumers search on social media to make a purchase decision. So, establishing an online presence is essential for all business irrespective of size and domain.
    Can Social Media Improve Your SEO Rankings?
    Yes. Every social media post on your social media profile is a gateway to your website. All the incoming traffic will only be converted into the quality lead when your website has rich-content and is user-friendly. If your website is SEO optimized, then your rankings will shoot high with all the incoming traffic your social media profile has generated.
    How to Promote Your Website with Social Media
    More than 90% of the small-scale business utilise social media to promote and grow their business online. Below are a few tips to grow your website with social media:
    • Create a business profile
    • Analyse demographics on each platform
    • Develop a sharing schedule
    • Share your blog content
    • Optimize your content for each network
    • Tap into Influencer marketing
    • Utilise advanced social media ad formats
    • Monitor results
    How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Facebook?
    The cost per click (CPC) on an average cost about $0.27 per click and the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) costs about $7.19 CPM. The overall cost of Facebook advertising entirely depends on the size and capacity of your social media marketing strategy.
    How Much Does Instagram advertising cost?
    Depending on the bidding model, advertising on Instagram costs between $0.20 to $6.70. The cost per click (CPC) on an average cost from $0.20 to $2 per click and the cost per impression costs from $6.70 per thousand impressions.
    Best Social Media Ad Campaigns of 2019
    Dove: Project Show Us
    Dove launched its #RealBeauty campaign, to shatter beauty stereotypes. Dove collaborated with Girlgaze, Getty Images, and women everywhere to create the world’s largest photo library thereby bringing self-esteem into their marketing content. The campaign garnered more than 1 million hashtag mentions and 5000 images in the photo library. Dove’s project created a positive and lasting change by breaking barriers among people all over the globe.
    How to Advertise on Social Media: Stop Scrolling’. Here’s What to Know
    Effective social media practices can add value to the brand reputation and growth. Here are a few methods to stop the scroll and register your message:
    • Make your graphic content square
    • Use bold graphics to attract easily
    • Add discounts or offers
    • Add animations
    • Catchy phrases that describe your product right away
    • Collaborate with influencers to easily gain attention