Custom SEO Report

Custom SEO Report

Custom SEO Report

For businesses and organizations with advance, instant SEO reporting needs, 7 Stones Digital offers different tailor-made packages. The reports generated under these packages give you advanced solutions and provide detailed analysis for every month, including:

  • Revenue and traffic generated each month further bifurcated on the basis of PPC, organic traffic, and digital media.
  • Google Maps listings dominate the first page when you search for your most important keywords.
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We all know instant SEO reports are imperative for every organization that is trying to convert leads from various digital channels. However, what most of the organizations miss is that quality of the SEO report is equally essential. It is the whole-sole way of grasping how well your SEO is working and how much benefit you are actually absorbing from your SEO strategy. With this, an instant SEO report should also be transparent, thoroughly analyzed, and most importantly easy to interpret.

7 Stones Digital is one of the top SEO reporting companies that does not only offer detailed analysis on monthly basis but also our clients can avail in-depth and advanced reporting feature for full insights on business conversions. These reports are made in a way to give you a 360-degree view of data, traffic generated, conversations, and ROI including cost per lead (CPL) achieved through various channels.

Features of our Custom SEO Reports

These instant SEO reports contain an analysis of how traffic decreased or increased in relevance to mobile users and desktop users. How the overall traffic was affected and which page is generating the most traffic.
It includes data such as bounce rate, conversions, page visitors, most popular content, content that needs improvement, and overall user response to the website
How increase or decrease in backlinks is affecting the quality of SEO activities
How competitors are converting leads, what strategies they are using, and what is the response to their website SEO. All this is important to analyze what you can change and how you can implement things in a better way.

  • Every client, organization, or business that collaborates with 7 Stones Digital for custom SEO reporting plan, receives an instant SEO report every month.
  • These monthly reports are tailor-made according to every client’s unique needs and include relevant analysis such as traffic, revenue details, and other information.
  • If any of our clients requires more information, different details, and extremely customized SEO reports, we provide additional data keeping in mind all these requirements.
  • Additionally, every client is assigned a dedicated person who helps them figure out the process and solves every query almost immediately
  • Our advanced reports have more features such as specific and thorough revenue analysis, traffic analysis, and suggestions for enhanced conversion across various channels.
  • With advanced reports, it is possible for our clients to gather extra data on revenue and lead generation such as leads via different social platforms and SEO campaigns.
  • Further, all these reports can be tailored and customized according to client’s specific needs for complex data, different formats, and specific analysis.

Advantages of Custom SEO Reports

  • Custom SEO reports generated by 7 Stones Digital let various organizations successfully manage marketing campaigns, set monthly conversion goals, generate leads efficiently, and track ROI.
  • These custom reports also help our clients acquire relevant data related to money spent on lead generation, potential leads generated from SEO campaigns, and overall progress from search engine optimization.
  • With these reports, our clients can track how their website or e-commerce platform is performing and how they can customize their SEO strategy to gain more conversions.

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Aggressive Plan


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Top Market
Strategy and consulting time Up to 2 hours Up to 5 hours Up to 10 hours
Digital marketing strategy
Monthly statistics and figures
Flight schedule development and strategy
Monthly metrics and goal reporting
Web advertising channel analysis and consulting
Organic and paid keyword lead generation and sales development
ROI consulting
Call tracking consulting (if applicable)
Ecommerce consulting (if applicable)
Marketing automation consulting -
Website personalization consulting -
Investment 3,000 INR per hour 2,750 INR per hour 2,500 INR per hour

Monthly Consulting Pricing

Custom reporting and Google Analytics consulting
Google Analytics goals set up
Google Analytics events set up
Monthly traffic reporting
Traffic reporting by channel
ROI reporting
Funnel visualization reporting
Cost-per-lead (CPL) reporting
Monthly goals and conversion reporting
Ecommerce reporting (if applicable)
Call tracking reporting (if applicable)
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Why Does Your Organization Need Custom SEO Reporting?


Today, every organization is utilizing search engine optimization for lead conversion and attracting more audience. However, if you are not sure whether your strategies are working or just wasting your time, how will you improve it in future? Custom SEO reports provided by us let you figure out the progress, revenue generation, lead conversion, and popular strategies. Once you gain all this information, it is easy to pick from there and grow your revenue.

These custom SEO reports help you especially when your business is large and growing, you have to handle multiple marketing channels, analyze ROI, goals, and cost per lead. You can gain in-depth and advanced knowledge of how lead generation is happening and which online marketing campaign is delivering maximum results.

However, if you are ambiguous about custom SEO reporting or the exact needs of your organization, we offer dedicated professional for analyzing your company’s requirements and generating the report accordingly so that you can download SEO report directly. This report will assist you in increasing your conversion and growing your business.

Why Choose Us?

We have expert professionals who use their wide industry experience to generate advanced, custom SEO reports keeping client requirements in mind.
Instead of just an analysis, we believe in delivering quality, result-driven reports that help you grow your business and achieve higher conversions.
Our custom SEO reports consider every aspect, traffic details, content analysis, backlink details, and competitor strategies for giving you quality reports.
With the help of custom SEO reports provided by 7 Stones Digital, you can figure our every small and big conversion detail in no time with great ease.

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