Call Tracking Analytics

What is call tracking?

Call tracking helps you know what exactly your customers are looking for and lets you keep track of every phone conversions made by your sales team. It lets you identify the marketing channels that work well for you, which in turn, helps you bring more leads for your business. You can associate a unique phone number to each marketing campaign you run, lets you track the conversion made on calls and thereby know how effective your campaign has been.

Why should you employ a call tracking system for your website and how call tracking can help you?

Every time somebody calls you for your service or product, it is a conversion. It is necessary that you don’t miss out on those numbers. Although manually tracking them is an option, it can be quite a hassle. By employing a call tracking system, you keep track of the phone conversions and get a clear and accurate idea of how your business is faring.

Establish a connect between Marketing and Conversion
Identify the marketing campaign that strikes a chord with your prospects and track the point at which they convert into buyers. This will help you plan your marketing activities, optimize your conversion tactics and eventually bring more customers.
Measure your ROI in real time
With our advanced website call tracker report, you get to calculate the ROI on each of your marketing campaigns, which in turn, will help you make better decisions. And what’s more, it’s free.
Identify the keywords that click
Track the customer’s journey in your website and see which page prompts them to call you. This will tell you which keywords work well for your business and get an idea of what the customer is looking for.
Integration with Google Analytics to scale your conversion
Google Analytics will automatically fetch your call details and tag them with associated marketing activities, so that you get a clear idea of how your business is doing. Automated email alerts will ensure that you are up to speed at all times.
Dynamic call tracking
While the sales team is handling conversions, the marketing and customer success teams are not usually kept in the loop. Call recording will ensure that your marketing and customer success guys know about the customer’s requirements, which will help them become more customer-centric.
Record calls to understand customer requirements
Call-recording helps you improve your customer service and better train your staff to help the customers. It’s essential for your business.


The cost for website call tracking depends on a number of factors mentioned below.


To increase your visibility online


Aggressive Plan


Market Leader


Top Market
Unique phone numbers Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 8
# of monthly phone calls Up to 200 Up to 400 Up to 800
Unique number setup and advanced call routing
Integration with Google Analytics
Setup of monthly Google Analytics emailed report
Call recording (if desired)
Setup of different #s for multiple channels (PPC, SEO, Email, etc.)
Reporting interface for phone calls
Call log and easy export of all phone calls
Caller data enrichment
Email call notifications and reports
Ability to block and filter callers
Unlimited users for the reporting interface
Initial 25 calls transcribed and call scoring included
Setup of unique # on unique PPC campaigns -
Setup of unique # on PPC landing pages -
Additional monthly phone numbers - - Once the ML plan is exceeded: 2,000 INR for each additional phone # a month
Additional monthly phone calls received - - Once the ML plan is exceeded: 3,500 INR for each block of 100 additional inbound calls a month
Minimum Monthly Investment 20,000 INR 35,000 INR 70,000 INR
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